• The Intersection of Science & Equity

    Biology PhD student Ashely Paynter has created a podcast/organization that reflects her interests in science and activism. 

    October 2021 Perspectives
  • A Russian Reconnection

    Marina Dunaravich reconnected with Russian language and culture years after leaving Russia as a child. A new scholarship celebrates her Russian heritage and family.

    August 2021 Perspectives
  • Dianne Harris named dean of UW College of Arts & Sciences

    University of Washington Provost Mark A. Richards today announced Dianne Harris will become dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, beginning Sept. 1.

    UW News
  • Life Experience, Academic Excellence

    Audi Brown is a scholar, mentor, event planner, and doula — and now the Dean's Medalist in the Social Sciences.

  • Immersed in Research, from Solar Cells to T-Cells

    Irika Sinha received numerous awards for her stellar work as a UW undergraduate, including the Dean's Medal in the Natural Sciences.

  • A Second Act in Theater

    Jarrett Johnson, Dean's Medalist in the Arts, discovered a love of acting after serving in the US Air Force, 

  • Telling Stories Still Untold

    “I’ve spent my time preparing for a career in telling stories like mine that are still untold,” says Lindsey Muszkiewicz, Dean's Medalist in the Humanities

  • Learning From the Cosmos

    Three of the UW Department of Astronomy's newest and brightest stars on the outer limits of what's possible.

  • Seeking Justice, One Case at a Time

    As an undergrad interested in criminal justice, Anthony Stokes has visited prisons, met with incarcerated men, and worked on court cases.

    June 2021 Perspectives
  • A Passion for Volleyball — and Classics

    International student Maria Bogomolova came to the UW to play volleyball. Along the way she discovered a love of Classics. 

    June 2021 Perspectives
  • Dedicated to Dialects

    Through the study of dialects, Elijah Pasco has combined his love of linguistics and theater. 

    June 2021 Perspectives
  • Advocating for Access

    As a child of Deaf adults, Christine Lew feels blessed to part of — and advocate for — the Deaf community and others.

    June 2021 Perspectives
  • Tatiana Toro: una científica que explica las matemáticas con imágenes (English translation: Tatiana Toro: a scientist who explains mathematics with images)

    En el 2019, Toro ganó el premio Marsha L. Landolt, de la Universidad de Washington, donde trabaja desde 1994. El reconocimiento, que obtuvo por su capacidad pedagógica e interés en enseñar un área a la que muchos le temen, también la ubicó como una de las científicas colombianas más reconocidas y brillantes. (English translation: In 2019, Toro won the Marsha L. Landolt Award from the University of Washington, where she has worked since 1994. The recognition, which she obtained for her pedagogical ability and interest in teaching an area that many fear, also ranked her as one of the most recognized and brilliant Colombian scientists).

    El Espectador
  • Undergrad’s Novel Optioned for a Movie

    At age 19, UW undergrad Zoe Hana Mikuta had already secured a two-book deal with Macmillan Publishers.

    April 2021 Perspectives
  • Inclusive Biology Lessons with a Global Reach

    UW senior Ishira Parikh helped create an award-winning curriculum using what she'd learned through UW courses and volunteer activities. 

    April 2021 Perspectives