• Nikki Yeboah, Kemi Adeyemi, and Jasmine Mahmoud together in a kitchen.

    The Power of Cohorts & Collective Histories

    Kemi Adeyemi, Jasmine Mahmoud, and Nikki Yeboah first met as PhD students in Chicago. Now they pursue scholarship in support of Black arts as UW faculty.

    July 2022 Perspectives
  • Stevi Costa in a robe as Sailor St. Claire

    Staging Literature, with a Tease

    As co-founder of Noveltease Theatre, Stevi Costa (PhD, English) offers fresh takes on beloved books through burlesque. 

    July 2022 Perspectives
  • Area around Drumheller Fountain on the UW campus

    Arts & Sciences' Fab Four for 2022

    Four Dean's Medalists were selected by the College of Arts & Sciences for their varied and impressive work as UW undergraduates. 

    July 2022 Perspectives
  • Celebrating Excellence in Arts & Sciences

    This spring, the UW and the College of Arts & Sciences celebrated faculty, staff, and students for their many accomplishments. 

    July 2022 Perspectives
  • Burke Museum receives national award

    The Burke Museum at the University of Washington in Seattle today announced it is one of six recipients of the 2022 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities. The award is given by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Burke Museum is the only institution in Washington to be selected.

    UW News
  • Munira Khalil University of Washington Department of Chemistry

    Professor Munira Khalil Receives Prestigious Award

    The Brown Investigator Award recognizes researchers in chemistry and physics with $2 million to their respective universities. 

  • Ana Fernández Dobao

    Research Feature: Ana Fernández Dobao

    Ana Fernández Dobao, associate professor in the department of Spanish & Portuguese studies and the director of the Spanish language program, explains her research in language acquisition.

    The Daily
  • Ava Kloss-Schmidt working in the UW Biology Greenhouse.

    A Passion Takes Root

    During her time at the UW, Ava Kloss-Schmidt (BS, Biology, 2022) has surrounded herself with plants — in a lab, in a greenhouse, and on mountaintops.

    June 2022 Perspectives
  • Will Sanchez sitting on a bench on the UW campus.

    Networking for Change

    Will Sanchez (BA, Comparative History of Ideas, 2022) has developed connections to build on — with leaders in nonprofit, tech, and political circles.

    June 2022 Perspectives
  • Darby Sherwood stands by a window in UW's Hutchinson Hall.

    A Fresh Voice in Theater

    Despite the pandemic, Darby Sherwood (BA, Drama; Political Science minor, 2022) graduated with a robust resume that includes directing, acting, and playwriting experience.

    June 2022 Perspectives